Adult Tricycle

Adult Tricycle

One can ask, why should I use a tricycle, if I know how to ride a two-wheeled bike?

Infact, an adult tricycle is the right solution if you want to ride a bike, but don’t have confidance with it, but not only!

There are a lot of application of the adult tricycle, as it has capacities, that two-wheeled bike doesn’t! So, if you do can ride a bike perfectly, there are still many reasons to pass to adult tricycle, let us see them together!

1. It is a cargo bike! Yes, an adult tricycle, if it has two wheels in front, is the most powerful cargo bike, so you can use it for work, to buy groceries for a week, to bring whatever you need and it can realy substitute you a car for the short-medium, up to 20 km trips!

2. It can transport up to 4 children in a bike! So you can take them to make a ride or to go somewhere with all the benefits the bike can offer: choose and change your route whenever you want, stop at any moment and to live the adventure of every day!

3.You can take your pet for a ride!

4. It is safe. It’s safe to transport your kids, it’s safe to transport your pets and it’s safe for you! When people got older, it is less safe to go with a two-wheeled bike, the adult tricycle is a good solution!

Especially when it’s of a great design, agile and compact! Then if you can easily put it into the car trunk and bring it with you whenever you need, it is just what you do might need!

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