Back to school ON THE CARGO BIKE

Back to school ON THE BIKE!

September is the time when our kids are back to school. Many of them go there by school bus, which is great. Others, due to different reasons we drive by a car before going to our work. Some of us bring kids to school by a bike, the little ones on our bike, the bigger ones ride on their owns. And those who takes children to school by bike know, what a special moment it is! Starting your day together and sharing the positive impressions might give the new light to your relationship and to your day!

That’s why I always bring my kid to school by TAGA! Very comfortable and stable, covered in case of the colder whether or rain, it permits me to concentrate myself totally on him and on what happense on our road to school. My son just adore our morning trips! Nothing else permits me to start my day so great as these trips. We speak, we laugh, we live our “little advantures”. Should it be a neighbors cat hunting the bird we just saved, a friend we stopped for a 3 minutes talk or just a smile and a few words exchange, something unusual we met (such as a snail or a flower), or a new way through the park, we always get a lot from such experience.

Can’t think on a better day start, thanks to TAGA.


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