How to bike with newborns

How to bike with newborns

Even if you are a passionate cyclist, having a baby can put you in difficulty. Babies are not expected to go on a bike at least till the 9 months old, when they can seat and wear a helmet.

So, is there really no way to cycle with a baby? There are some very brave parents, and let us say it, a little crasy, that ride a bike with a baby carrier belt, others invent some do-it-yourself gadgets.

But… isn’t there a really safe way of how to bike with newborns?

The point is that YOU DO CAN CYCLE WITH YOUR NEWBORN, strating from the first month of its life in a TOTAL SAFTY! There is a really genyal Family Bike TAGA, which permits you to attach a baby car seat in the way it becomes just a part of a bike, with your newborn in the saftiest place it can be, just among your arms!

Then you can also put a helmet on! Of course not an ordinary helmet, but a special soft one, just invented for babies! You can see it here.

But let us turn back to our bike, it is a very stable tricycle for adults, with two wheels infront and divided hadlebars, which permits you to put your baby very near to you, much nearer then with a stroller!

You say, uhm… OK! But then I need to bring pampers and other babies staff. And where I put my baby once I need to go inside?!

The genius of TAGA is precisely in this! They thought about everything! TAGA has a underneath basket to put things and it trasforms into the real great stroller!

And it isn’t all! It also grows with the needs of your family! So when your baby grows, you can put a 6 months-6 years seat, add a second seat or put a special groceriy basket!

Your TAGA will become the real ally of your family!







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