Ideas for the family vacation on a bike

Ideas for the family vacation on a bike

It’s a period of vacations. And whenever you go, it is a good idea to take a bike with you!

Of course, most places offer bike rental, so there is no sence to bring with you your ordinery bike, but…it gets really worth to take your family bike, where you can put your little children and all your stuff!

And if you think that it’s complicated to bring your family bike by car, by train or by plane, then you didn’t meet TAGA yet! It is the only folding family bike, very compact and you do need one on your vacation, whenever you go!

It might be hard to trip with children, especially with little ones. You need a lot of stuff with them, and it becames hard to enjoy the trip with all that bags on you! Taking TAGA with you, you can put your children on it and load it with all the stuff to go to the see, visit the city or go for a walk in a park, wood or any local attraction!

Then there are really great places to visit exclusively on a bike! Such as an insuperable Danube cycle path, crossing Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary!

Then there is a new and much less known, but not less spectacular, breathtaking Garda Lake cycling pass with it’s 140 km of bike lane!

There are other numerous places to enjoy exclusively on a bike, but the point is…

… that whith TAGA, whenever you go, is the right place to bike!






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