The best cargo bike

The best cargo bike

As a cargo bike gains always more popularity for its undiscussable merits and a sustainable way of life, you might ask yourself which is the best cargo bike ever?

And if there can’t be an absolute winner, as there are many types and models for any taste and application, still there are common paramethers that can individuate the best cargobike for you.

As we have spoke resently about different kinds of cargo bikes, you can find that article here.

While in this one let us speak about which is the best cargo bike you might choose for you. Of course the choice depends on the work you are going to do. Cconsider where you go, what are the streets, passes are and how much and which type of load you need to transport. You might also need of the personalised constractuion to trasform your cargo bike into the real itinerant shop!

Still most people do more ordinery things with their cargo bikes. Such as to go to buy groceries or other shopping, transport their pets, bring their kids for a ride or to school, go to the lake, sea or picnic.

So, what are the caracteristics of the best cargo bike should be to really enjoy it?

  1. It should be siutable for each of the abovementioned activities. And the most cargo bikes do.
  2. It should be agile and maneuverable, you don’t need it very big, to get stuck in the traffic, not to be able to go to bike lane or to occupy it all. Also matters, will you use your cargo daily or once a year.
  3. It should be transportable so you could bring it with you whenever you want by car or by train.
  4. It should be versatile and easily adopted to your requests. Do you want to moove in a new house, here you are, you can load all you need on it? Do you want to transport children, no problem! It has just everything you might need: starting from the reclining seats to the cannopy that will protect them from the rain and wind! Do you need to do all of that, transport children and groceries or other stuff, it should adapt to everything!
  5. Practical. All the families need today, there are practical, family firendly things. Hop on, hop off, children can climb themselves, you can attach the accessories with one click!
  6. It shouldn’t cost an eye. The cargo bikes cost! But the range is starting from the € 1.500 and can arrive till the € 7.000 or even more. € 2.000 for the fully accessoried and € 3.000 for the electric one, on our opinion is a fair price.
  7. Of great design! Yes, life is too short to be circled by the ugly things!This list wouldn’t finish here as we know only one bike that meets all this criteria, and it’s TAGA BIKE!


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