To bring kids to school by bike

The summer is getting over and we are turning back to our every day comitments.

We are getting back to work, while our kids getting back to school. Both can be quite hard to restart. But we still can have some connection to the vacation or quality time toghether with our kids if we make just little changes to our routeen.

For exemple to bring kids to school by bike might be one of them.

Starting our day with a short trip toghether by bike may benefit both, parents and kids. Cycling to school toghether might be just a perfect way to socialize toghether and give a good beginning to the day full of commitments. And while elderly children can cycle by their own, we can bring the little ones to school by a special cargo bike named TAGA.

It is the best bike for the parents and their kids starting from 0 months and till 9 years about (even if it can be used for such purpose up till 12 y.o).

In TAGA you can bring kids to school by bike and then cycle to your work place. You can make groceries at your way home before picking kids up or just toghether with them: TAGA is capable but streamlined at the same time.

There are a lot of ways how you can use your TAGA daily with your kids. But the best thing is that it permits you to star a new day with the positive feelings and in a good physical form!




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