To carry a child on a bike

To carry a child on a bike

It doesn’t important where you live, the bike is the best transport for your daily commitments and your outings in the radius up to 15 km. It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s free. The thing changes when you have children, because you have huge things to think about, especially about their safety, comfort and that ammount of things you need or might need when you go out.

And if with one child it is still doable, 2 or more toddlers on the bike request a special… bike!

Every now and then we can see a bike with 2 seats, but still in many European countries it is not allowed by the traffic rules. And, what is even more important, it is not safe, even if you never stopped to bike since you were 5 y.o.
So which is a solution? Of course a special bike, called also cargo bike or family bike. You can put up to 4 children and load everything you need for them or even go to buy groceries!

The world of cargo bikes is really very big, so if you’d like to deepen into it, you can find a dedicated article.

While in this article we’d like to present you the bikes which were not adapted, but created for carrying toddlers and for their families, and the difference is really enormous!

The name is TAGA BIKE and it has 2 models and the infinite number of the accessories that permit you to personalize YOUR FAMILY BIKE! Clicking on the link you will see the video.

So, what is so great in this cargo bikes?

* First, they are extremely SAFE: 3 wheels, a very simple ride mode and the position of the children just among your arms, make it more safe to ride this bikes then to go with the stroller!

* Secondly, they are FOLDABLE! I mean IT IS THE ONLY FOLDABLE CARGO BIKE IN THE WORLD! AND IT FITS IN THE CAR TRUNK! Still don’t believe?! Please see the video!

* Thirdly it is very PRACTICAL! It is thougt to make the family life easier, not tougher! It is SMART, COMPACT and AGILE! It is VERSATILE. And then, it’s FUN!

* And last but not least, we offer the BEST ASSISTANCE and individual approach. You can write us an e-mail at , contact us by FB or by whatsApp at +393201625888. We reply all questions really fast!

You can find the best model for you on the website: and if you have need some advise, you know how get in touch with us!



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