Do you want to spend your summer locked in a 4-wheeled box, stuck in traffic, with the complaining children in their seats?!

The alternative exists and it’s even more than one!

Cargo bikes family size, the cargo capable to replace the car in the urban mobility.
Children go crazy; your and their (even mental) health benefits, and the environment thanks you for a cleaner air in your city.

So today you have at least 10 more reasons to leave your car in the garage (we just sold it!) and to switch to one of the most spectacular cargo bikes!

To you the newest 2019 ranking of the top 10 cargo bikes!


Love at first sight of all moms, much appreciated also by dads,
TAGA FAMILY BIKE, the most amazing and versatile modern family cargo bike you can only imagine!
It can carry from 1 new born, starting from one month of life and up to 3 children.

It’s stable, it’s amazing, and it’s very sturdy, much more than it might seem considering its incredible agility.
TAGA in general is number one for urban mobility for families.

Its ingenious modular system makes it truly unique in accompaniment of the family growth!
From a newborn to 3 children plus the cargo functions, the TAGA can convince you to sell your second car, because cycling is defenetively better!

There is one for all tastes and it can be electric and muscular (which can be easily electrified at any time)



Where to find it: It can be purchased online at: TAGA BIKE FAMILY with great customer service and really great after-sales service.


The most incredible of the long tail type cargo bikes, YUBA MUNDO and its ELECTRIC version is absolutely worth the BEST QUALITY PRICE award!
It certainly doesn’t leave dads indifferent, especially those of the brutal macho type. Beautiful design with bamboo finishes and an excellent well balanced frame, capable of carrying up to 350 kg overall!


Weaknesses (difficult to find one):

Where to find it:  online at YUBA MUNDO and  some authorized resellers.



So what! This beautiful cargo bike with a clean and well-groomed design, is the top of the range of the house YUBA BIKES, the same manufacturer of the Mundo Model and 2 other models of the ranking. SPICY CURRY is strictly electric, but it also has its twin SWEET CURRY. This bike is definitely the queen of 2-wheeled cargo. Aluminium alloy frame with optimized gravity center has done the impossible, reconciling the maximum stability achievable on 2 wheels!


Weaknesses (difficult to find one):

Where to buy: online on SPICY CURRY and in the show room in central Italy. For info also by WhatsApp: :393281183008


Another company and another cargo bike that will make you fall in love, not for nothing that we are in the top 10, is the XTRACYCLE SWOOP. 2 wheels, beautiful design, fresh colors, resembling the SWEET CURRY model for its lowered center of gravity (the rear wheel is 20 polycs), also this one with the Bosh engine, but also available for muscle pedaling.



Where to buy: It does not sell online. However, like all other bikes, you can order it through the store of your trust.


The timeless charm of the classic butcher’s with the wooden box, the 3-wheeled BABBOE CURVE-E and electric motor will always have its followers!
Capable of carrying up to 4 children in the front box, it is very robust, stable and with the capacity of the load higher than any other cargo bike in this ranking. This bike could not miss in the top 10 even this year!



Where to buy: It can be ordered by Donno BIKES at or on the phone / whatsApp +39 328 1183008


Hallo Long John! A very special type of cargo with its RIESE&MULLER LOAD 60 (there are also other dimensions) as the most important representative of its species! Very, very popular in the United States, this type of cargo bike is the missing link between the2-wheeled and three-wheeled cargo bikes. Give the 2-wheeled cargo bike super powers of 3!
It allows you to carry an amazing and frontal load, which is otherwise impossible for a 2-wheeled cargo.
RIESE&MULLER LOAD 60 boasts of being fully produced in Germany, handmade with truly amazing craftsmanship.



Where to buy: in Italy it can be ordered from Donno BIKES a
or on the phone / whatsApp +39 328 1183008


A compact and fun cargo bike, TERN GSD S10. Can carry 2 children and load. Like most two-wheeled cargo bikes with rear loading, even the ones mentioned above, it features Yepp seats, – comfortable, soft and gritty.

Only 180 cm long, with a strictly Bosh engine capable of covering up to 250 km with one refill, it offers a beautiful design and 4 fresh and fun colors.
Small wheels of 20 polices make it even more compact. Surely moms and dads will love it.





Where to buy: It is not sold online. However, like all other bicycles, you can order it from the store of your choice.



With just 186 cm, while mounts classic 26-inch wheel, and its beautiful fresh colors, BODA BODA is a compact but highly charged bike. Carry up to 3 children. It can be both electric and muscular. A beautiful sophisticated design and watch the price!
At the time of publication of the article it is also in promotion!


It has the muscular and electric version


Where to buy: Online at BODA BODA and at some stores. For info also via WhatsApp: +393281183008

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Penultimate in the ranking, but certainly not for its value!
TAGA BIKE STROLLER it is a very special cargo bike! Capable of carrying up to 3 children. It’s a velotransformer, it transforms from the comfortable unprecedented cargo bike into a real luxury stroller! Soft armchairs, the ultra light but very resistant aluminum alloy structure, this bike is a must in families with children from 0 to 6 years old. Designed down to the smallest detail, from an excellent modern design it is strictly modular to accompany families in their growth.



Where to buy: On-line at: su: TAGA STROLLER BIKE or at one of the authorized dealers available on the site. You can also call or write via WhatsApp at +393281183008


The last dessert on the cake, a dessert bike, YUBA COMBI!

It is the beautiful and compact cargo bike, it comes out of series as a pedal, but it can be electrified. Combines the robustness of the Mundo with the compact dimensions of Boda Boda. Capable of carrying up to 3 children, this new arrival from the Yuba house will drive everyone crazy! With its price of only € 999 it offers a cargo that everyone can enjoy.



Where to buy: in Italy it can be ordered from Donno BIKES al donnobikes@gmail
or on the phone / whatsApp +393281183008

Also available in presale even at more advantageous prices!

As you can see, cargo bikes are available for everyone!

Leave your car in the garage and take a ride with your little ones in one of these splendid cargo bikes!

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