TAGA FAMILY E-BIKE to transport 3 children

TAGA Family Bike is the world’s No. 1 bicycle to transport children!

If you do not have children, but you want a stable and a safe cargo bike to transport your furry friends or to carry loads, Taga Family E-Bike is a perfect solution.

Taga Family E-Bike has many accessories to customize your TAGA for your personal needs and lifestyle, creating it the bike you want.

250W motor located on the rear wheel, 36V lithium battery, autonomy 40-50 km.

Delivery time is about 5 working days.


Accessories TAGA Family Bike

Bike helmet for newborns


Always useful

Crank puller for TAGA

Out of stock

Accessories TAGA Family Bike

Luggage rack seat for the Taga Family bike

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Out of stock
Out of stock
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